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The idea of lawyer-agents originated with a veteran corporate lawyer, who has practiced corporate law in Phoenix, Arizona since 1962.  When he dealt with registered agent companies serving for clients doing business in other states, he noted that too much time passed between receipt of lawsuits (and notification of other problems) by the agents and getting those problems dealt with by local lawyers. Typically the documents were (1) transmitted by the agent to the client (and time passed), then (2) referred by the client to his office (and more time passed). Then (3) arrangements had to be made to have a local lawyer in a distant state located and briefed (and still more time passed), and then (4) the documents had to be transmitted to the local lawyer (and additional time passed). Finally, the local lawyer had to deal with negotiations or a response to the problem (and, once again, time passed).

The long and short of it is that there was often little enough time to properly deal with lawsuits and other problems in a distant state. To minimize the time lag, it made sense to take care of items 3 and 4 (above) first. grew out of this, to the point that we now have lawyers and their firms as agents throughout the United States. Our agents scan incoming service of process to a PDF file as soon as they receive it, and then send the PDF file by email to the person designated by the client to receive it, read receipt requested. They then monitor the read receipt to make sure it was received at the place designated by the client. Alternatively, incoming service of process is faxed to the client and receipt verified. If the client elects to have the lawyer serving (directly or through his or her firm) as agent handle the matter, there is plenty of time to deal with the problem. Even if the client selects some other lawyer to deal with the matter, there is no less time to deal with the problem than the procedure involved in dealing with a registered agent company.

Reliability, responsibility and dependability are important because companies are required by state laws to have an agent, residing in the state, to receive service of process and other important documents. Service on the agent is official and final. Companies are thus justifiably concerned about the reliability of their agent.

Our service was designed to provide quality and dependability at a reasonable cost. Your agent will be a competent, experienced lawyer or associated firm. Contact us or order online.


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