E-mail our Florida resident agent (registered agent), order online or call us at 1-800-669-9805 for further information or to arrange for service, either immediately or effective upon expiration of your current registered agent period of service.

Expect our Florida registered agent to provide quality service at a reasonable price: $99 per year. If you are paying more or getting less, you can now comply with Florida laws requiring an agent and a registered office without overpaying or sacrificing quality and dependability. , founded by a veteran corporate lawyer and now a network of practicing lawyers in the various states, provides dependable registered agent/statutory agent/resident agent service everywhere, plus other corporate and legal services. We provide quality registered/statutory/resident agent service in all of the United States.

Some facts you should know about a registered agent in Florida:

"registered agent," "statutory agent" and "resident agent" are three names for the same thing: an agent authorized by a company to receive documents and notices. (Since the three terms all refer to a Resident of the state acting as an AGENT, we have coined the term "ragent" to include them all).

Your Florida registered agent must be either (1) a domestic company formed under Florida corporate law (2) a foreign corporation authorized to transact business in Florida or (3) an adult individual who resides in Florida. Because neither an LLC (limited liability company) formed under Florida law nor a foreign LLC is specifically mentioned as eligible to be a registered agent, an inquiry to the Florida Secretary of State's office is recommended if your agent is a limited liability company.

It is important to note that a Florida registered agent must have a Florida street address rather than a post office box and that the registered agent must sign a consent to be registered agent and file it with the Florida Secretary of State.


We welcome newly formed companies, as well as companies previously formed who presently have an overpriced resident agent, or a registered agent whose quality and dependability may be open to question. A company which desires to change its existing registered agent in Florida may do so at any time by completing a change of Florida registered agent form and submitting it to the Florida Secretary of State.

When you order online, we take care of filling out this form and sending it to you for signature. Upon its return (signed) to us we will take care of filing this form, and we will also pay the fee which must be paid to the Florida Secretary of State to make the change.

If you would prefer to sign the form first and send it to us so that we may complete it and file it with the Florida Secretary of State, along with the filing fee, the change of Florida registered agent form for an LLC can be found at http://form.sunbiz.org/pdf/inhs18.pdf and the form for a corporation is available at http://form.sunbiz.org/pdf/cr2e045.pdf. Just sign it and get it to us and we will take care of the rest.

If your present agent is prepaid for a period of time, you can instruct us not to make the change until that period of time has expired.



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