Arizona statutory agent (Arizona registered agent), quality service at a reasonable price: $99 per year. If you are paying more, you can now comply with Arizona laws requiring an agent without overpaying or sacrificing quality and dependability. , founded by a veteran corporate lawyer and now a network of practicing lawyers in the various states, provides dependable registered agent/registered office/statutory agent service everywhere, plus other corporate and legal services. Contact us or order Arizona statutory agent online.

The theory of the law requiring all Arizona entities to have a statutory agent in Arizona ( called "registered agent" in most other states, which have similar laws) is that there must be an actual person residing in Arizona to receive important papers so that the Arizona courts will have jurisdiction over the entity. As long as you have to comply with this law, you might as well get the best agency relationship you can, considering both cost and quality of service. Lawyers know business, business law and common issues in litigation involving businesses and a lawyer or lawyer-managed agent brings that expertise to the table. This doesn't mean free legal service, but it does mean that you are starting at the right spot if you need help. With the statutory agent provided by you meet the requirements of the law, but you also provide your thirsty enterprise with a reservoir of expertise and experience.

Our Arizona statutory agent also provides:

A separate address for your corporation or limited liability company. Should any legal action befall your enterprise, you will want (1) privacy and confidentiality that a designated employee or lay citizen, however discreet, cannot provide and (2) no late night knock at the door by a process server.

Promoters and sales people often use an agent's address for initial contact. With our service, you can avoid exposing yourself, an employee or friend to undesired solicitation. We forward only what you must receive.

In Arizona (where publishing of your entity information is required), we can minimize your publishing costs by using the address of our statutory agent in Arizona.

At your request, we can even add the additonal service of providing a "known corporate address", for your use with respect to other legal requirements

Timeliness in receiving important documents is crucial. We know this and our procedures and high-speed scanning service are designed to eliminate the financial costs of delay, hesitation, procrastination or uncertainty on the part of persons unfamiliar with litigation and reporting requirements.

If you are the owner of rental property in Arizona and reside in another state, you must have a registered agent between you and the assessor's office and we act in that regard upon request.

If your limited liability company or corporation fails to maintain a statutory agent in Arizona, or to comply with other state laws, your good standing as a business entity can be jeopardized. If you want us to, we are in a position to help you stay on the right side of the law, which might otherwise be difficult even if you give the matter your best attention and commitment.

The bottom line, considering that you must have a statutory agent in Arizona, is that our service affords quality and dependability and remains a bargain at $99 per year.

Here's how our process works. Click order Arizona statutory agent online and submit your information, with sensitive information submitted direct to our accounting department over a secure connection. We will contact you for any additional information required and to answer in person any questions you may have. We process your order as soon as possible, take care of receipting and provide you with information on your Arizona statutory agent. If you wish to establish a statutory agent/registered agent in any of the other forty nine states, we can assist you through the LawyeRagents network of participating lawyers and lawyer-owned companies. We can help you as well with respect to whatever else you may need for other state agencies.



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